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The Mystery of Dairy Street Trolley

By Daniel Downs
March 30, 2015

There once was a trolley car called Good Golly car.
It was traveling down a road name Steep Street.
Riding on Good Golly car was an old wrinkled lady.
Other old passengers called her Miss Teetotaler.
She always sat on the third seat in the third row.
This day, she was sitting next to Jolly-Good Joe.

There was one thing Miss Teetotaler did each day.
The old lady sipped a cup of chocolate doublets.
Of course, she only did so while on her way home.

Her home was in the oldest neighborhood of the city.
She lived in a grey brick house with lots Maple trees.
The road on which she lived was named Dairy Street.

By the time Good Golly Car had reached Dairy Street,
both Jolly Good Joe and Miss Teetotaler were laughing
They were laughing so hard their fat pale cheeks shook.

You’ll never guess what was so hilarious to them.
They were laughing over nothing but split milk.
Wait a minute! Where did the milk come from?
That still remains a mystery to this very day.