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AFA Targets Chase For Anti-Christmas Policy On Bank Decorations

JP Morgan Chase has strictly ordered all of its banks to take down any and all Christmas decorations that have not been supplied by company headquarters. This includes the mandatory removal of all Christmas trees from bank lobbies.

According to internal Chase documents the American Family Association has received, every bank has “received approved holiday decorations in your December One Box. These are the only (emphasis in original) decorations that may be displayed in the public areas of your branch. If you have any other decorations…please take them down.”

This draconian policy led to the forced removal of a Christmas tree in the lobby of a Chase Bank branch in Southlake, Texas, this week. This particular tree had been supplied to the bank at no cost to the branch.

The stated purpose of this anti-Christmas policy, again according to internal Chase documents, is that, “We don’t want to lose somebody’s business because of seasonal decorations,” and to “ensure that everyone who visits our branches is made to feel completely welcome and comfortable.” The official “Guidelines on Decorating for the Holidays” from Chase makes no mention of the word Christmas at all.

AFA president Tim Wildmon said, “This is an absurd policy. According to Advertising Age, 91 percent of the American people celebrate Christmas. The most welcoming, inclusive thing you can do this time of year is wish people a merry Christmas.”

Wildmon added, “In fact, Chase’s policy will actually be offensive to many people who bank there. When customers find out that Chase is deliberating disregarding Christmas, they may just be inclined to take their banking business to a Christmas-friendly institution. Christmas is a holiday we’ve set aside as a nation to honor the birth of Christ because of his impact on American and world history. It’s just bad business for any company to show this kind of disregard for our Judeo-Christian heritage.”

Randy Sharp, AFA’s director of special projects, added, “Chase is hurting the ability of local branches to nurture a connection with the members of their own communities. If Americans are offended by anything, it’s the disrespect that corporations are showing to Christmas as a holiday. We urge Chase to amend its policy and allow branches to freely celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.”

Source: American Family Association, December 3, 2010

U.N. Anti-Blasphemy Resolution Is Flawed

A vote on the proposed U.N. resolution condemning religious defamation is expected to take place this week. Catholic League president Bill Donohue explains why it should be resisted:

The Catholic League is an anti-defamation organization that uses such First Amendment guarantees as freedom of religion, freedom of speech and freedom of assembly to protest Catholic bashing. But it is one thing to issue a news release, conduct a letter-writing campaign, call for a boycott or hold a street demonstration; it is quite another to criminalize offensive speech.

It is not just that this U.N. resolution is poorly worded, it is the intent behind it: it is being promoted by member states that are known for disrespecting human rights, including, most spectacularly, religious liberties.

Since 1999, Pakistan has been pushing for this anti-blasphemy resolution. Joined by nations like Egypt and Saudi Arabia, the resolution is not a check on religious defamation: rather, it is designed to give Islamist nations the right to plunder the religious rights of non-Muslims—under the guise of fighting religious intolerance!

There is a reason why the Christian community in the Middle East has shrunk to less than two percent of the population—they’ve been driven out. Just recently, the Syrian Catholic cathedral in Baghdad was the scene of violence that left 58 dead and at least 75 wounded. Their crime? They were Catholics.

The Catholic League supports all democratic remedies that thwart religious intolerance, but it will never support fascistic laws. These Muslim nations already kill Christians and Jews with impunity; they don’t need any further encouragement to bring their idea of justice to the shores of other nations. This resolution, “On Combating Defamation of Religions,” is an affront to religious liberty and deserves to be voted down