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President Obama chooses former porn lawyer for #2 spot in Justice Department

Nothing has spoken more dramatically about our new president’s radical social agenda than the bios of persons whom he has appointed to key advisory and cabinet positions. Many are Clinton-era retreads. (What happened to “change?”) Many formerly held positions on some of the nation’s most notoriously anti-family, anti-life organizations.

President Obama’s nomination of David Ogden to be Deputy Attorney General – second in command to Attorney General Eric Holder – certainly is the most outrageous and potentially dangerous appointment to date.

To this critical Justice Department position President Obama has nominated an attorney whose list of private-practice clients includes the ACLU, the National Organization for Women, Playboy, Penthouse and Adam and Eve.

The U.S. Senate is scheduled to vote on confirmation of David Ogden as Deputy Attorney General on this Thursday.

Here are a few highlights of David Ogden’s resume:

* Submitted a Supreme Court brief on behalf of the ACLU arguing that a man had been improperly convicted under the federal child pornography statue because the man’s videotapes – specifically, tapes with the names, “Little Girl Bottoms” and “Little Blondes” – which the Third Circuit Court of Appeals already had deemed “clearly designed to pander to pedophiles,” weren’t really pornography.

* Fought to remove porn filters from the Internet in public libraries.

* Argued that the law requiring producers of sexually explicit material to keep records about the identity and ages of their performers was unconstitutional.

* Co-authored a brief arguing that parental notification was an unconstitutional burden on 14-year old adolescent girls seeking an abortion.

It stands to reason that you do not trust the enforcement of a nation’s pornography laws to an attorney who has built his career on defending persons who violate those laws! Yet that is exactly what President Obama has asked us to do.

To urge Senator George Voinovich and Senator Sherrod Brown to vote NO on the confirmation of David Ogden as Deputy Attorney General, click here.

Citizens For Community Values
, 2/24/09.