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GOP swelling as Ohio voters switch parties

GOP swelling as Ohio voters switch parties is the Columbus Dispatch headline reflecting a huge change from the 2008 Ohio primary, when far more Republicans than Democrats changed parties.

Although the Dispatch did report on why many voters were switching to the GOP, several likely reasons include an increasing dissatisfaction with Democrats bludgeoning taxpayers with overwhelming debt, increasing taxes, inept handling of the Great Recession, and trend toward totalitarian socialism.

Source: The Columbus Dispatch, April 8, 2010

Maryellen O’Shaugnnessy Hosted At Greene County Democratic Party HQ

The Greene County Democratic Party (GCDP) candidates hosted Maryellen O’Shaugnnessy at the GCDP Headquarters at 87 E. Main Street in Xenia on Tuesday 4/6/10. O’Shughnessy is unopposed Democratic candidate for Ohio Secretary of State in the May 4th primary election.

Pictured left to right with O’Shaughnessy are party Executive Committee members Mike Watters, GCDP Chair Don Hollister, Doris Totty, Jean Nixon, Mike Gardner, O’Shaughnessy, Jan Goodwin, Don Brezine, and GCDP Vice Chair Bill Conner. Watters is a candidate for the Ohio Legislature, Hollister for Ohio Democratic Central Committee, and Conner for U.S. Congress.