Second year of “Drive Less, Live More” initiative kicks off

With gas bouncing around $3 to $3.35 a gallon and concerns that it might go to $4 a gallon this summer, now is the time to save money, get fit, win prizes with Drive Less Live More.

What is Drive Less live More? It is your connection to healthier, cleaner, more affordable transportation choices within the region.

As Americans we love our cars. We think nothing of driving less than a mile to the bank, the store or even from one parking lot to another at a shopping center.

As our waistlines — and our dependence on foreign oil — increase, the quality of our life and air decrease. But it’s not as if we are trying to pollute our environment or be less active, it’s just become second nature to grab the keys and go.

But there’s a better way. Residents of the Miami Valley Region have a variety of alternative travel options – walking, biking on paved recreation trails, riding regional transit, or carpooling.

“We know it’s hard to change habits much less the habit of driving,” says Janet Bly, Miami Conservancy District general manager. “So we’re trying to make it easier by offering a contest, prizes, events and information that can help you get started.”

Our region offers transit systems, miles of paved bike trails, a carpooling service and more. Each of these transportation options is outlined in detail on the Drive Less Live More web site or you can call (937) 277-4374 for more information.

“It’s ultimately about the things we can do together which can be impactful to everyone’s daily life,” says Mark Donaghy, RTA executive director. “This collaborative effort provides the entire Miami Valley region the opportunity to try out a variety of transportation options.”

One of the major events in the campaign will again be the One Less Trip contest where drivers in the region will be asked to give up their cars for short trips. But this year, the contest is being expanded to four months – May through August.

“We’ll be offering monthly prizes to keep everyone engaged,” says Don Spang, executive director of the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission . “Plus we have overall campaign winners for each mode – biking, bus, walking, carpooling – and then a grand prize and second prize.”

The grand prize is a two-night stay and various other amenities at the Mission Point Resort on Mackinac Island, MI. And new this year, is a second prize featuring a weekend of activities in Dayton complete with an overnight stay at the Crowne Plaza, two tickets to the opera, “Turandot,” this fall, a $50 gift card to Citilites restaurant, and more.

This year the campaign is sponsored by by four Miami Valley organizations – the Miami Conservancy District (MCD), Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission (MVRPC), Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority (RTA) and Five Rivers MetroParks (FRMP).

For more information, go to Drive Less, Live More or call (937) 277-4374.

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