Xenia is Growing–New People & New Businesses

Jim Percival submitted a census challenge on October 1, 2008 after assessing that the Bureau’s annual updated estimate of 23,656, which represents a two percent decrease from the 2000 population of 24,164, appeared to be inaccurate.

Nimfa Simpson, City Planner, compiled statistics utilizing worksheets and population formulas provided by the Population Division of the Bureau of Census. From these formulas, she was able to determine that the 2007 population of Xenia should be 27,291 rather than the Bureau’s 23,656 estimate. This growth projection is attributable to the following factors: major annexations, subdivision developments that have produced a total of 1,499 housing units during the census projection period, in-fill development of vacant land, and a stable housing stock.

Positive population growth is an important measure of the vitality of a city because it indicates that the community is an attractive place to live, work and play. Positive population growth is also an economic development stimulus because where there are people, business will follow and this means more jobs for the City and its residents.

And new business are springing up like daisies. At least 25 new business started operations in Xenia during 2008. New retailers and restaurants include Discount Smoke For Less, Vacs & Videos, Pass It On Antiques, The Sweets Boutique, S&W Auto Brokers, Walgreens, BP Station, Sonic Boutique, and one more to come is Biscuit World. New services cover a wide range of industries including legal, business, medical, entertainment, and consumer. Several new consumer services are Kirk Vincent Plumbing, Snap Fitness, Great Clips, Out Of the Box Creations and Designs, and Spectacular Eyewear Repair.

Another business on its way is called Eden World. I do not know what type of business it is supposed to be, but my guess is its either sells a little slice of paradise natural or possibly bass amplifiers. Who knows; the new business might be even be a school or just a seller of Eden World war games. We’ll see….

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