Southwest Ohio Liberty Conference Wrap Up

The Southwest Ohio Liberty Conference held on November 21 was a huge success. Even the Ohio State – Michigan game wasn’t able to keep away those who understand just how dire the times are for our nation as a republic, said event coordinator Andy Myers.

The first speaker, Mr. Harold Thomas of The Ohio Republic Blog, gave a incredible powerpoint presentation outlining the “true” history of states’ rights and debunked the idea of secession as something that should be looked upon as taboo. Harold took the audience on a exciting historical journey that began with the Magna Carta (1215) continued through the formation of our national compact and the civil war between the states and ended in our present “Empire,” which shows how states are now merely “tools” of federal government run amok. Thomas concluded that states must enforce their 9th and 10th amendment powers before it is too late.

Jason Rink, co-founder of the Ohio Freedom Alliance, also used a powerpoint presentation to educate the audience on Free Market Capitalism and the cause as well as effects of how we got to where we are today. Beginning with currency based on a gold standard to the current paper currency solely based on the arbitrary standard of government edict, the government created a monetary system through which the wealth of many has been transferred to few. Now as then inflation is still the primary means. During his in-depth presentation, Rink showed how central bankers such as the private Federal Reserve through inflation and a fiat or paper currency have consistently debased the value of our nations wealth. That is why he and other like him are working hard to effect the return of a gold and silver backed currency. Ohio Honest Money Act is one of their efforts to make it reality.

Kevin Cullinane who built and runs The Freedom Mountain Academy rounded out the conference with some good old common sense and true world history. “History is a good teacher of truth” said Mr. Cullinane, “the problem is with those who would like to see our freedoms destroyed have been working hard in subverting true world history.” Trained by the First Special Forces Group in psychological warfare and head instructor of the 1st Marine Division’s counter-insurgency school, Kevin explained how ideas and philosophies have been “turned on their heads” over the centuries to get patriotic Americans to “worship the state” instead of choosing true liberty. From the “Pledge of Allegiance” originally composed by socialist Francis J. Bellamy to the Communist Manifesto’s 10th plank; “state controlled education,” Kevin methodically exposed how many of principles of what was once a free republic being destroyed by infiltrators from within.

Many people in attendance said they would like to see another conference held soon.

Many also appreciated having State Representative Jarrod Martin (R-70) and County Commissioner Marylin Reid present for the celebration of Liberty. These events are for everyone including our elected officials,” said Ohio Freedom Alliance Regional Coordinator Andy Meyers.

Source: Ohio Freedom Alliance, November 24, 2009.

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