Austria’s Contracting Commission An Insult To Wright Patt Professionals

By John Mitchel

RE: “Contracting process discussed,” Dayton Daily News, December 7, 2009

Steve Austria’s Blue Ribbon Commission on contracting is a classic example of “moral hazard,” or dishonest agents manufacturing a need that doesn’t exist. The tragic irony in Congressman Austria’s action is that he is asking special interests to “shed a light on the contracting process” that is dictated by Congress and Congress alone. Wright Patt acquisition professionals are bound by law to follow rules and regulations that emerge from Congress, so if Austria thinks he needs to alter or fix the process, he needs to go back to Washington and deal with the other 534 members of that “elite” body.

The simple truth is; Austria’s Blue Ribbon Commission is a reelection tool. He realizes he has done little to warrant a second term, and with the May 2010 primary approaching, he’s desperate to convince his constituents, not to mention his campaign contributors that he deserves the opportunity to get two years closer to qualifying for lucrative retirement and healthcare benefits, and other perks that go along with belonging to that elitist group known as “career politicians.”

Steve Austria’s motives are an open book and have been for years, but if you still aren’t convinced, a simple question will seal the deal. Ask Mr. Austria how he feels about term limits, self-imposed or otherwise. His answer will probably go like this, revealing yet another moral hazard – Mr. Austria most likely will respond, “I cannot leave Congress because no one else is capable of serving the 7th District as well as I can.” That is the deception that plagues America, and will continue to do so until we elect citizen legislators who serve the people, then return to their hometowns and families to enjoy the liberty and freedom they helped protect.

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