Who will be awake at 12:01AM January 1, 2010

If a poll taken by Ramussen today is any indicator, 62 percent of Xenia residents will awake to celebrate the beginning of a New Year. About 75 percent of adults under 30 will be praying, toasting, cheering, or kissing during the New Year’s arrival, but only 41 percent of adults over 30 will be doing the same. That means of the 38 percent of Xenians will be snoring at the New Year. Among those lazy rebels will be 25 percent will under 30s and and 69 percent of the over-the-hill-gang (those over 30).

Those who intend to still be awake at 12:01 are like to be one of the following places: 23 percent will be relaxing at home, 11 percent will be at a friends home, 5 percent will be bashing at a restaurant or bar, 13 percent will be still be wondering around, and 10 percent are not revealing where swanky place will be. Of course, the 38 percent who intend to be asleep at 12:01 AM did not say in whose bed they would presumably be snoring away. Maybe those who will be praying could pray for them as well. You never know it just might make a good and happy New Year become a reality. Anything is possible in Xenia.

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