Vaduva On Final Stretch In Campaign For County Commissioner

As the May 4 Ohio Republican primaries are just one day away, I wanted to say “thank you” to all of you supporting my campaign through donations, encouragement and volunteer work. When I decided last year to run for Greene County Commissioner, it was an easy decision – it came about as a result of looking at our current political environment and saying, “enough is enough!”

In an article today Dayton Daily News recognized how the GOP is facing
tough challenges from candidates with Tea Party values, not just here
locally, but also at a state and federal level (see article:

What the Dayton Daily News article does not cover however, is the
truth that the GOP political machine in Ohio had declared all-out war
on any Tea Party candidate running on a Republican ticket. John
Husted, and other candidates here in Ohio have even used a bogus “Tea Party Values” logo on their campaign correspondence, trying to mislead voters into thinking that they are being endorsed or supported by Tea Party organizations.

This is some outrageous behavior on the part of the Ohio GOP, but it
is not surprising. Both at a local and state level, the Republican Party officials are really worried about idealist candidates, and real people with real principles running for office and taking the reigns of their party back; they are doing their best to ensure that this will not happen. This is why I need your help.

I am running on principles alone, as a result of being fed up with the
Greene County GOP and the ruthless political machine that had captured our party here long ago, at the expense of our souls and our
principles of small government and low taxation. I am not a politician, an attorney or someone that had spent a lifetime in the political sphere. I consider my inexperience as a politician an asset, and I hope so do you.

This is a small chance we all have here in Greene County now to try to
reclaim our ideals and principles, so I would be humbled to receive your support and your vote on Tuesday. My promise is that we can use this first step to try to steer our county into the right direction and start to slowly get back to our roots.

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