Blame Obama for the Gaza flotilla disaster, Palestinian jihad for the Gaza blockade, and Israeli weakness for both

Israel’s blockade of traffic to Hamas controlled Gaza was a necessary effort to prevent weapons from being smuggle into Gaza. Israel was not preventing food and other aid from reaching the people living in Gaza. Israel’s military was both regulating and overseeing land deliveries of legitimate supplies. Of course, it was likely that shipments were delayed because of the screening process.

Erroneous propaganda was being circulated that enflamed many Muslims throughout the Middle East. Clearly, the government of Turkey had no right to sponsor the violent group of so-called activists whose purpose was to create an international conflict.

According to the World Tribune, deaths of the flotilla terrorists can be laid at the feet of the leader of the American Empire. Israel gave Pres. Obama advanced intel about the passengers of the flotilla. Pres. Obama demanded Israel use no conventional riot gear. Had the Israeli military boarded the ship with anti-riot gear, tear gas and guns with rubber bullets, no one would have likely died during the conflict.

Israeli soldiers boarded the flotilla were attacked and beaten. Those who had remained in their boat had no choice but to protect the lives of their comrades with deadly force.

To condemn Israel for protecting its citizens from suicide bombers, from missile attacks, and from those smuggling in the weapons to do so is no injustice to Palestinians in Gaza. It is an obligation of the Israeli government. Like walls, blockades are the least destructive means of protecting humans lives–lives on both sides.

Maybe, Muslims should try more peaceful means of resolving problems that violent demands and violent attacks.

One of the more ironic aspects of this tragic event is the apparent weakness of Israeli leaders. PM Netanyahu didn’t even consult his own security cabinet, according to the World Tribune. Remember, Pres. Obama has no military experience whatsoever. Instead, he followed the head of Empire to resolve Israel’s crisis. It is this apparent weakness that enabled Pres. Obama to dictate Israeli policy and emboldens Muslims with visions of one world Islam.

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