Pro-Life Terrorism

What is terrorism? Based on statements by pro-choice advocates, it is acts of violence aimed the goal of which is to end the policy and/or practice of abortion or, in this case, the legal practice of opposing abortion.

The following is a news story about abortionist attempting to terrorize a pro-life leader with the stated goal of changing his and his organization’s “ideas” and subsequent practice.

Joe Scheidler is a name pro-life advocates know because he has been one of the leaders of the pro-life movement for decades. Scheidler has become a frequent target of pro-abortion activist and now his home has been vandalized.

His home was attacked in the middle of the night, at approximately 2:00 a.m., with an abortion advocate throwing bricks of asphalt through two front windows.

One of them contained a threatening note making it clear the source of the vandalism supports legalized abortions.

“We are crazy feminist bi***** who will destroy your sexist ideas,” a note, containing an anarchist sign and scrawled in a child-like writing, said.

“P.S. I’ve had an abortion and no laws could ever stop me,” the note continued. “You can’t make Queen Anne’s lace illegal, a******.”

Troy Newman, the president of Operation Rescue, praised his longtime friend in an email to as someone who has always had the best interests of the pro-life movement at heart and who has been selfless in trying to protect women and unborn children.

“We denounce in the strongest terms the cowardly violence that shattered the peace of the Scheidler home last night,” Newman said after learning of the attack.

He urged the Obama administration to investigate the attack in the same way it has assertively looked into incidents at abortion facilities and the shooting death of late-term abortion practitioner George Tiller.

“We demand that Attorney General Eric Holder order the Justice Department to launch an immediate investigation into this violent hate crime and to provide the same protections to Joseph and Ann Scheidler as they have in the past for unthreatened abortionists,” he said.

Newman is concerned about the rising levels of violence against pro-life advocates, as this attack on Scheidlers’ home comes after multiple other incidents of vandalism and after pro-life protester Jim Pouillon was shot and killed outside a local high school in Owosso, Michigan because his killer Harlan Drake didn’t like him using graphic pictures of babies victimized by abortions.

Operation Rescue’s headquarters in Wichita, Kansas, has been repeatedly vandalized, and staff threatened in recent months. In Albuquerque, New Mexico, sidewalk counselors were threatened by a man at gunpoint and police later discovered a cache of weapons in the man’s vehicle, he indicated.

Looking at hand written note displayed with the article , the printed words cause doubt about whether they were written by a emotional youth or possibly by a relatively uneducated adult. The writing might reflect a highly emotional person and potentially dangerous. However, other domestic and foreign terrorist have mostly been either college educated or from highly educated families. One would think such a person would have display a more articulate message and refined hand writing. Of course, emotionally disturbed uneducated person could be just as dangerous as a emotionally-calculating educated person.

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