Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack to Address Area Tea Party Tomorrow Night

Miami County Liberty presents former Graham County Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack. sheriff mack will be speaking tomorrow May 10 starting at 7 p.m. at Club 55, 845 West Market Street in Troy, Ohio. Everyone is welcome and admission is free.

Some topics Sheriff Mack will be speaking about are:

* Rights the Constitution actually guarantee
* Importance of not allowing our means of self-defense to be taken from us
* Dangers of giving government too much power
* How remaining strong as individuals and families keep us strong as a nation
* How sheriffs can protect us from all enemies, both foreign and domestic

Also – we will be training and organizing for the collection of signatures to put the Health Care Freedom Amendment on the ballot this November. Ohioans should have the right to choose – Obama’s government-control plan or NOT!

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