Speaking of Motherhood Provides a Counter-Cultural Look at the “Best Job in the World”

Jenn Giroux is a busy woman. Not only is she a proud mother of nine, she’s also brought together a dynamic and hardworking group of six women who have dedicated themselves to introducing a counter-cultural view of what they say is “the greatest profession on Earth”. And they know – between them, they have 44 children.

The group, who has been traveling to high schools, college campuses, and conferences across the nation to introduce their presentation, “Speaking of Motherhood”, is led by Giroux, who founded and served as the Executive Director of Human Life International America as well as Association of Large Families of America (ALFA). You can also add Registered Nurse and author to her list of impressive titles, but motherhood is her crowning achievement.

In an interview with LifeSiteNews.com last year, Giroux said that, “There is a huge need out there for us to show the positive side of motherhood and to once again elevate motherhood to the respect that it deserves. It is the greatest profession on earth for women and it has really been completely denigrated by the feminist movement.”

Since “Speaking of Motherhood” had its inaugural presentation at Notre Dame last February, the group has done sessions across the U.S. and continue to market themselves. The presentation seeks to show the beautiful and the positive aspects of motherhood lost in society, said Giroux. “We really need to show them the beauty of children, which is the actual positive message of showing them the beautiful fruits of accepting God’s gift of children.”

Originally received by email Student For Life of America, July 12, 2011. (www.studentforlife.org)

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