Youth and Their Well-Being(?) – U.N. Agenda

By Tyler Ament

The draft outcome document for the High-Level Meeting on Youth proves troubling for those who want to maintain the unity and mutual understanding of families.

In the draft, governments and Heads of State:

“Reaffirm the World Programme of Action for Youth, including its fifteen interrelated priority areas, and call upon Member States to continue its implementation…”

Now, if one wishes to implement the WPAY, one can simply take a look at the implementation guide drafted by the UN Dept. of Economic and Social Affairs. This is where the trouble starts.

It is a good thing to desire the well-being of youth, but that also means it is a horribly wrong thing to use such language to break apart the foundation of youth development that is the family.

On the topic of health, pg. 54 of the implementation guide speaks of “how governments can promote the sexual and reproductive health of young men and women” and cites two steps:

1. Eliminate any policies that prevent young people under 18 or unmarried youth from using reproductive health services, including requirements for parental consent.

2. Support youth-based organizations that disseminate info on sexual and reproductive health.

Translation, keep parents out of their kids’ health decisions by leveraging the government, and replace a family discussion with info from the local “services” provider who has a direct financial and ideological interest in keeping parents out of the discussion.

Where did well-being go? Western society knows what happens when kids only have one parent to raise them, what will happen if we encourage it to be none?

This article was originally posted on the international law blog Turtle Bay and Beyond on July 23, 2011

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