The State of Media Led Electoral Politics – America Doesn’t Need It

Last night’s Republican debate was a big joke. It was evident NBC anchor Brian Williams rigged the debate to promote only two candidates. Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich were front and center while sidelined were the other two.

Uhh…now who were they???

Oh, yes, the two stage props were Ron Paul and Rick Santorum.

It’s apparent the global media corporation-NBC-wants Republicans to elect Mitt Romney. During the evening news tonight, NBC even spotlighted Romney while phasing to President Obama’s upcoming “State of the Nation” speech tonight.

Are we to believe NBC needs to make voting decisions for Republicans? It might help explain their view that most people of conservative leanings are religious and dumb and would be better staying out of politics altogether. However, the dumb sheepish elephants must be lead to the green liberal pastures where they all (not we all) can have rich cups that runneth over. Interpreted, it means millions more dollars in NBC’s bank accounts and similar wealthy elite associates in other industries too.

A multitude of prosperous industries is a good thing especially when most of the little people prosper too.

Sigh…. It won’t happen with the status quo in office.

The global media’s favorite candidate who is currently sitting in the oval office may yet bury America in debt’s grave and while throwing sweet rosy rhetoric on the national casket.

At least Romney would restore fiscal sanity to America. Gingrich would too with better foreign policy as well. Santorum would further the conservative cause and maybe even help the middle class. Paul would make the rule of Constitutional law work as well as make fiscal, social, state and foreign relations constitutionally compliant, which just might work as well. If only Paul would speak like a campaigner rather than like a speaker at the podium on the floor of the House of Representatives.

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