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T-Day Coming Soon (that is tax return deadline)

The dreaded tax day soon approaches. Do you have your records in order? Have you received your W-2s, 1099s, and other related reports your smiling IRS agent will looking for when you are audited?

Have you received a 1040 booklet and forms or your 2009 tax preparation software? Of course, you may still be waiting on an appointment date from your accountant.

April 15th cometh soon. The day of gloom and IRS doom. For some it might even be a day portending a bright glimmer of anticipation for a large refund. Whatever the case, the taxman cometh soon.

America is particularly blesses to have a paternal sugar daddy on Capitol Hill who promises at least a small refund of our collective taxes that were forced from our paychecks at the point of the big guns of Congress’s Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Think of the IRS as comparable to the Secret Service i.e., CIA, FBI, etc.

There are some unfortunate saps who Mr. Sugar Daddy doesn’t like. They include those who earn more than $250,000. If you are among that group, Mr. Sugar Daddy intends to keep all of your taxes money that your lawyers and accountants can’t find loopholes in which to hide it. (Hint: His associates in the Big Parlor on the Hill included.)

That reminds me: How can Mr. Sugar Daddy and his officious associates pontificate from the very place where Thomas Jefferson attended service every week in honor of God, truth, morality, and justice while dishonoring our nation’s Provident God, deceiving the public with every other unread bill, legislating immorality, and robbing the poor and not-so-poor.

Anyway, you are fortunate if you live in Xenia. Even though 60+ percent of local taxes go to education (which some say is less than adequate), the tax rate is relatively lower than most neighboring communities. At least that is what some elected official say. After May, that status may change. Nevertheless, Xenia is still known as a community with a low tax rate and low housing costs. Those are among the reasons Xenia was known place to get a start in life.

You are also fortunate to live in Xenia because the city offers tax preparation and paying information and tools to assist citizens pay the right amount on time. I can assure you, the city is dedicated to helping you to contribute to the city tax funded services. If paying on time is not possible, the City offers an extension.

You can find the City’s helpful information and tools at City of Xenia Income Tax Division webpage.

I almost forgot. As the City’s webpage reminds us, your Xenia Community School income tax filings and payments are made directly to the State of Ohio, not locally. The reason behind it is two-fold: (1) In a semi-socialist state, dollars flow to the central government and is disbursed in accordance with state dictates, which sheds some light on what slice of the equality pie education serves the semi-socialist state. (2) Dollars flow to power, and public education serves to indoctrinate the people according to the dictates of the State; in this case egalitarian socialism or statism as some call it. That also is why separation of religion and state (or church and state as it is also called) is so important a dogma.

The Ohio School Income Tax webpage is http://tax.ohio.gov and the Federal income tax forms, instructions, and payment methods are at http://www.irs.gov.

Lear: State government on the wrong path to balanced budget

Ohio lost another opportunity to show its true strength last Thursday as state government failed again to balance its budget with Ohio resources. Beth Lear, candidate for the 2nd House District, decried the lack of moral courage by state leaders who raised the income tax, took a handout from Uncle Sam, and failed to reform education during the late night budget vote.

“Once again Ohio’s elected leaders failed the people. They knew what the right thing was,” Lear said Thursday. “Instead of hearing the wake-up call to focus our energy and assets on the basics of limited, constitutional government, they raised our taxes to balance their bloated budget on the backs of the people.”

Lear said the $894 million tax increase is unacceptable – especially because it is retroactive to the beginning of 2009. A retroactive tax destroys the tax planning of Ohio’s small business owners, many of whom are based in Delaware County.

“I’m especially disappointed with the Republicans who supported this tax-and-spend policy,” Lear continued. “After the last presidential election, Chairman DeWine was correct in saying the GOP is paying because it has left our conservative roots of fiscal responsibility and limited government. I will bring those values back to the state house next year.”

Implemented in 1972, the Ohio income tax has been a disaster, Lear said. Its very existence has damaged individual liberty, while facilitating the rapid growth of the public sector at all levels.

“Few people realize that spending is not free,” said Lear. “Study after study has shown that public sector spending kills jobs and creates economic woe for Ohioans. The unemployment rate rose in November to 10.6 percent. Perhaps the Democrats who supported this retroactive tax increase are trying to help Michigan inch ahead of Ohio in economic performance – that would make us 50th instead of 49th.”

Lear was raised in Delaware County, where she lives with her husband and two children. She is a former policy analyst with the Buckeye Institute for Public Policy and a long-time legislative aide. Her campaign website is www.BethLear.com.