Dayton Tea Party @ 6-8PM Courthouse Square

The Dayton Tea Party has received over 5,000 RSVPs for their April 15 Income Tax Day Rally at Courthouse Square from 6 to 8 p.m. in downtown Dayton (corner of Third & Main).

The Dayton Tea Party Rally seeks to protest runaway spending at all government levels. The Rally will feature dynamic speakers from the Miami Valley. Modeled after the Boston Tea Party tax protest of 1773, the April 15 rally will pressure Congress to repeal the federal stimulus plan and draw attention for needed fiscal restraint, support for the free market and small business, and respect for the Constitution.
“We are all geared up for the rally,” said Perry Reynolds, co-founder of the Dayton Tea Party. “Our supporters are excited and pumped for April 15.”

“We are seeing support everywhere throughout the Miami Valley from all political spectrums,” said Rob Scott, co-founder of the Dayton Tea Party. “This event is not about political labels but standing up for what the Tea Partiers believe in.”

The Dayton Tea Party is a grassroots and nonpartisan group opposed to wasteful government spending. The Tea Party is made up of students, homemakers, working people, professionals who are Democrats, Independents, Republicans, and Libertarians.

For directions, a list of speakers, or other information, go to their website at For directions or a list of speakers, For questions, contact

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