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Dayton Tea Party Seeks Investigation of Ohio Municipal League & Ohio Township Association

The 1851 Center for Constitutional Law, on behalf of the Dayton Tea
Party and Dayton Tea Party President and Founder Rob Scott, yesterday filed in the Ohio Supreme Court a Public Records Complaint demanding Ohio Municipal League (OML) and Ohio Township Association (OTA) lobbying records.

Both the OML and OTA have used public funds to lobby against Ohio Estate Tax repeal and other tax cuts, property rights and the right to bear arms, and in favor of inflated state spending.

“The Dayton Tea Party is about empowering taxpayers,” said Rob Scott, founder of the Dayton Tea Party. “The bedrock of our government and what the Founding Fathers understood was open government. Local governments throughout Ohio are using taxpayer money in order to lobby the Ohio General Assembly for more taxpayer money. The organizations that are being provided the public’s money need some accountability. Ohioans have a right to know.”

The Ohio Municipal League is a non-profit organization that was created by city government officials, and is comprised of and funded by more than 250 cities and 680 villages. The Ohio Township Association is an association of Ohio townships whose membership contains 99.8 percent of all elected township trustees and township fiscal officers in Ohio.

Both groups exist and survive due to public funding, and invest these funds in advocacy for greater government spending, and against tax cuts and individual rights. Lately, both have heavily advocated for greater state spending on local governments and against repeal of Ohio’s worst-in-the-nation Estate Tax (80 percent of estate tax revenue is transferred to local governments).

Under the “Functional Equivalency Test” a nominally non-public Ohio entity can be subjected to the Public Records Act if it is the functional equivalent of a public office. The test’s factors include the level of government funding and the extent of government involvement or regulation.

The 1851 Center argues that the OML and OTA are the functional equivalent of public offices, as both organizations were created by, are funded by, and exist to serve local governments and public officials.

“Ohioans have a right to know the politically and ideologically-motivated ends to which their tax dollars are being put, and rise in opposition to those ends,” said 1851 Center Director Maurice Thompson.

“Through the OML and OTA, Ohio’s local officials tax their citizens and use these tax dollars to lobby for higher taxes yet, all the while escaping scrutiny for this agenda by running it through the OML or OTA. Citizens have a right to know exactly how and why their hard-earned money is being used like this.”

Ohio Liberty Film Festival

Dayton is the site of a film festival with themes of liberty, courage and achievement, that began on November 11. Veterans Day was selected to kick off the event in order to celebrate the service of military veterans, and pay tribute to their historic role in preserving freedom in America and in the world. The festival will continue through November 14 with showings at The Neon Theater, the Dayton Engineer’s Club and the Dublin Pub. This will be the second year for this film festival in Dayton and it is the only one currently presented in America with the theme of Liberty.

The underlying idea is that man’s great achievements, whether artistic, scientific or intellectual, have come about through the exercise of freedom and opportunity. The intent will be to showcase films that show the positive use of freedom, and also the negative outcomes and conditions related to the suppression of freedom.

Efforts to gain and protect freedom have been a vital part of the American experience. Our earliest settlers, the pilgrims, braved death and made a heroic voyage to escape religious persecution. Their bravery was followed by the American War of Independence to withdraw from an oppressive system and create a new experience in self-government with a classless republic. A few years later a Civil War was fought to eliminate slavery. In the last century America was involved in two World Wars to fend off oppressors with designs on world dominance. America also fought and won a Cold War against a totalitarian system that sought to destroy the freedoms of many in our world. Throughout history there have been continuing threats against freedom that demand vigilance and continuing respect for the blessings and opportunities achieved through liberty.

The keynote film this year will be the documentary film, “Rockin’ the Wall”. This is very significant and a very special opportunity for the Dayton community because the film is essentially a Dayton product. The documentary conveys the message of a chapter in the book “Seven Events that Made America America” by Dr. Larry Schweikart, a professor of history at the University of Dayton. The chapter is entitled “ A Steel Guitar rocks the Iron Curtain”, and it tells the story of how rock music helped to bring down the communist empire and, with it, The Berlin Wall. There is much commentary by people who were part of the musical revolution on both sides of the Wall. The movie contains a number of musical clips. And there are some very emotional and inspiring scenes of people celebrating and overjoyed with their new freedom.

The Veteran’s Day program at the Neon commenced with a matinee showing of “Rescue Dawn” at 2:30PM. This is a compelling and true story of a German born U.S. Navy pilot, Dieter Dengler, who had an obsession to fly. The story is a tribute to the courage and perseverance of POWs in Vietnam. Following the movie there will be a reception at the Dublin Pub to honor ex POWs. The Neon hosted a major Veteran’s Day event at 7:30PM with the “The Best Years of our Lives”. This is a great Academy Award winning film about serviceman returning from WWII. The film is considered the best depiction of life in America and the challenges to veterans in those years.

The program on Friday November 12, will be presented at the Dayton Engineer’s Club. There will be 4PM showing of “Rockin’ the Wall ”, providing for participation by students of local high schools. Dr. Schweikart will introduce the film. Following a reception at the Club, the film “Places in the Heart” will be shown at 7:30PM. This is an inspirational story of the spirit and tenacity of a widow striving to save her farm in the South during the years of the Great Depression.

On Saturday November 13, the Engineer’s Club will also host a 2 PM showing of the movie “Empire of the Sun”, This movie is Steven Spielberg’s inspiring story, loosely based on actual events, of a young boy’s courage, spirit and leadership while imprisoned in a Japanese concentration camp during WWII. The boy’s love of aviation is a key part of the story. On Saturday evening there will be another major event, a showing of the keynote film “Rockin’ the Wall” at 7”30 PM. The film will be preceded by a reception at the Club with an appearance by Dr. Schweikart.

The final Liberty Festival offering will be an afternoon showing of “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest”. This is an outstanding film, the winner of all major Academy Awards in 1976. It is the story of a feisty misfit who resists the institutional authority and raises the spirits of fellow inmates. There are great performances by the cast. This film will take place at 2:30 PM on Sunday, November 14, at the Neon, followed by a festival concluding reception.

Admission to all Liberty Film Festival events will be free, with voluntary donations accepted. The festival website is www.ohiolibertyfilmfestival.com. Other information is available by calling 429-3793 or 224-7822, and festival schedules are available at the Dublin Pub.

The Neon Theater Dayton Engineer’s Club The Dublin Pub
180 E. Fifth St. 110 E. Monument Ave. 300 Wayne Ave.
Dayton, OH 45402 Dayton, OH 45402 Dayton, OH 45410

Tea Party’s “Remember Novemeber Rally” A Huge Success

The Dayton Tea Party Remember November Rally was a huge success. Over 3,000 were in attendance at Courthouse Square in downtown Dayton, according to Dayton police estimates. The Dayton Foodbank also reported Tea Partiers donated about 1,800 gross pounds of food items that will be distributed throughout area food banks. The American black conservative talk show host from Georgia, Herman Cain, was extremely impressed with the crowd size and how friendly Dayton Tea partiers were.

Remember November Rally, Nov. 14 @ 6:30PM

What: Dayton Tea Party’s “Remember November Rally”
Where: Courthouse Square in downtown Dayton
When: Thursday, Oct. 14. from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Cost: Boxed or canned food item that will be donated to the Dayton Foodbank.
Keynote Speaker: Conservative radio talk show host Herman Cain.
Master of Ceremonies: Greg McAfee, owner of McAfee Heating & Air
Speakers: Mike Gearhardt, co-author of “The Financial Tsunami”
Weather: 64 degrees, partly cloudy predicted
Apparel: Dayton Tea Party will have Tea Party shirts, videos, and “The Financial Tsunami” book at the Rally.

Advocates for Liberty and Xenia Liberty Group Event, Xenia Library, Thursday Feb. 25 @ 6pm

The very first meeting of the Advocates for Liberty and Xenia Liberty Group (a chapter of the Dayton Tea Party) will take place on Thursday, Feb. 25 at 6:00 PM at the Xenia Library in the upstairs meeting room.

I want to encourage everyone to attend, connect and become involved with our community at a grassroots level. The Tea Party liberty groups are non-partisan groups; we don’t endorse or sponsor particular candidates nor do we carry water for the Republican Party. We simply want to promote the Constitutional principles of freedom and liberty for all, something which seemingly both parties are failing to understand.

The Feb. 25 meeting agenda includes:

– Rob Scott, founder of Dayton Tea Party, who will discuss the Tea Party movement and goals.

– Ron Alban, will discuss and take signatures for his effort to abolish the Ohio Estate Tax; we also need help with signature petitions in Greene County and this is your opportunity to help abolish this obscene tax in our state.

– Virgil Vaduva will be discussing the proposed 35% increase in Xenia city income tax; there will be a measure on the May 4 ballot and we need your help to defeat this proposal and keep our private property away from the reaching hands of government bureaucrats.

Being our first meeting, we are also looking for leaders and people willing to become involved and be part of our board. If you want to participate, feel free to contact us at any time (info@advocatesforliberty.com).

For more information you can go to http://www.advocatesforliberty.com

Dayton Tea Party Independence Day Weekend Rally

The Dayton Tea Party held their July 3 Rally at Golden Gate Park in Brookville. According to Brookville Police Chief Ed Preston, more than 5,000 were in attendance. This was only one of many Tea Parties held across Ohio and the nation. In Ohio, cities with scheduled Tea Parties included Ashland, Cadiz, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Freemont, Mansfield, Marietta, North Canton, Springfield, and Zanesville. Brendan Steinhauser’s map of known Tea Parties throughout the nation is posted on the Freedom Works blog.

According to the Tea Party Protests blog, there were over 200,000 Tea Party events held nationwide around the tax filing deadline of April 15. Of the 200,000, the national Tax Day Tea Party website reported 800 registered events in 50 states. Americans gathered in protest against government-generated debt that robs them of over one-third of their income through taxes. Astronomical debt by unaccountable federal politicians continues to be a huge issue at the Tea Party.

Brookville mayor David Seagraves gave the opening address. He challenged the Partiers further their involvement not only in the Tea Party movement but also in local, state and national politics. What followed his speech was great music by Dan River’s band, a visit by the comedian President Barak Obama (maybe it was a twin from Kenya?), many more fired up speakers, and some awesome fireworks. Whoever was performing the light show was a real pro.

Rob Yarger, a local business owner, emceed the Dayton Tea Party. Encouraged by Rob Scott, the chief brains behind the organization, Yarger also spoke to the Partiers about the socialization of business, health care, and the growing intrusion of the government in our lives and homes.

Deborah Mulholand, owner of home-based marketing business Angelic Enterprises, rallied the Partiers to support the Fair Tax movement. She said, the national income tax was first proposed by Karl Marx. Contrary to Obama’s international denial, America is a Christian not a socialist nation. While God only asks for 10 percent, government seeks over 60 percent. We pay more than just income tax. We pay tax on just about everything. The federal government is even proposing to tax burping. The Fair Tax would replace all taxation with a 23 percent sales tax. It would reduce the thousands of pages of tax code to 133 pages, and it would eliminate the IRS bureaucracy. All working Americans would receive a 7.5 percent pay raise just by getting rid of the FICA tax, and small businesses would save 15 percent. What better way to end the use of the tax code to reward favorite supporters by federal politicians for their votes.

Pres. Obama’s speech was pretty anti-climactic following Mulholand. Nevertheless, he made some interesting comments. Obama claimed he intends for all Americans to have a job. That is a job working for the government. He also proposed to create a simpler tax code: Tell us what you make and send it in.
I notice something strange about him. His voice was a little muffled, he a plastic or stone faced appearance, and he never quit smiling … I’m sure what his problem was.

Anyway, Arlene Holland was the next speakers. Emcee Yarger introduced her as a Spanish Sarah Palin. I think she is a little more dynamic than Palin. Holland is a legal immigrant from Honduras, where the people said no to communism. Yet, they are still fighting to maintain their constitutional self-governance. She said she could be silent no more about the erosion of our constitutional freedoms and democracy by elites. America belongs to us not to them. They are attempting to rule over our children and run or lives. Their bailouts only reward corrupt government. It is time to stand up and refuse to be silent, she said. Quoting John F. Kennedy’s famous dictum, Holland said, “It’s not what your country can do for you, it is what will do for your country. Now, what will you do?”

I’m sure the next three speakers, all young members of the Ohio legislators, found her fiery speech a hard act to follow. By young, I mean all men in their 30s. The first was Greene County’s own Jarrod Martin. He spoke about the need for a public hearing on the State Sovereignty Resolution, which is being held up by the Speaker of the House. As Mulholan said earlier, out-of-control spending by the federal government, their encroachment on state authority, their intrusion in state affairs, amounts to taxation without representation. According to Martin, the originators of the Constitution did not intend for big government and huge debt to dominate American life and politics. The federal government was given limited, enumerated powers. The ninth and tenth Amendments prove that all others rights and authority belongs to states and the people. That is why Ohio HCR 11 is needed to send a clear message to Congress that enough is enough.

Rep. Martin introduced Rep. Seth Morgan as a leading sponsor of HB210, which proposed to reduce the pay of Ohio politicians. Morgan speech was short and sweet. We have to stop the overburdening and over-reaching spending and power grabbing efforts of both Ohio and Washington D.C. politicians. Just as the signers of the Declaration of Independence knew they were signing their death warrants if the Revolution failed, we must likewise recommit ourselves to give us liberty or give us death cause of liberty and self-governance.

The next new generation of leaders to speak was Rep. Josh Mandel. He graduated from OSU, served in the US Marine Corps, and local government. He overcame entrenched political opposition to lower property taxes. He get property taxes rolled back first by proposing it, then by going house to house to garner support, and then by the overwhelming support of local taxpayers and voters. Just as he accomplished what status quo leaders said was impossible by doing the hard work necessary, we together doing the hard work can achieve the goals represented by the Tea Party. We can protect and restore our liberty.

The last speaker of the night was Greg McAfee, owner of McAfee Heating and Air. As did most of the speakers, he covered most of the current issues of our day including universal health care, foreclosures, global warming, cap-and-trade. One area of government intrusion in the personal lives of homeowners comes into play when homeowners want to sell their house. McAfee said the government is now empowered inspect homes and force owners to replace windows and doors before being permitted to put their home on the market. He also pointed out the free universal health care will not be free. Business owners will be forced to pay for it. In the end, however, consumers will pay for it through inflation.

McAfee concluded by calling for a return to the basics: (1) Returning to values worth passing on our children like honesty. (2) Honoring heroes who exemplify those values. Congress held a moment of silence for the king of pop culture Michael Jackson while also ignoring the passing of war hero Ed McMahan, who spend much of his life serving his country. (3) Restoring self-governance engendered by capitalism, by the practice of our fundamental rights like free speech, and the discipline of hard work. (4) Returning to being a nation of people under God. (After all, God is co-founder of the United States of America.)

During the entire event, the long line leading to the concession stand and to the coffee bar never subsided. Along with food and latté for the stomach, a number of organizations with booths offered something for the political soul like petitions in support of the Ohio Sovereignty Resolutions (HCR-11/SCR-13), petitions of protest against the cap-and-trade bills, books by National Center for Constitutional Studies, Glenn Beck’s Common Sense, and others. Eric W. Deaton had his campaign booth set up. He is planning to replace George Voinovich in the Senate. Our own Campaign for Liberty and John Birch Society organizations were also offering their political soul food. (See the links below for more info about work and ideals.)
National Constitutional Education Society
John Birch Society

Dayton Tea Party sets next Rally on July 3 in Brookville

The Dayton Tea Party has set their next Rally on July 3 at Golden Gate Park in Brookville starting at 7 p.m.

The Rally will feature children’s area, informational booths, engaging speakers, music, and Dayton Tea Party fellowship. The event will conclude with a professional fireworks show. “Brookville is a perfect place to hold the next rally. The city is a beautiful location that truly speaks to the heart of America,” said Rob Scott, founder of the Dayton Tea Party.

“The support we have received has been unreal and speaks to the masses who are frustrated with their government’s spending habits,” said Scott. “This event is not about political labels but standing up for what the Tea Partiers believe in.”

More details will be released such as the speaker lineup and musical acts.

The Dayton Tea Party is a grassroots and nonpartisan group opposed to wasteful government spending. The Tea Party is made up of students, homemakers, working people, and professionals from all political spectrums. To sign-up for email updates for the Dayton Tea Party, go to www.daytonohioteaparty.com. For questions, contact info@daytonohioteaparty.com.

Dayton Tea Party Bellbrook Event June 1

Monday, June 1, from 7 to 10 p.m. will be a Dayton Tea Party group meet up for anyone who would like to attend at Scor an American Eatery in Bellbrook, Ohio.

This is the second of many other small group meetings that will allow Dayton Tea Partiers to come together and discuss our concerns, how to bring about solutions to get our great country back as we work up to the July 3 Rally.

Scor is owned by a good, hardworking all American family that had a dream to start their own small business and are very excited that we picked their establishment to hold our get-togethers. Please, if you come to this meet up, let us bless this hard working family by coming with hungry bellies and thirsty mouths as the economy has hit their business pretty hard as it has for most small business owners.

Scor offers a great menu at reasonable prices and does sell alcoholic beverages but is known more for it’s good food and ‘Cheers’ like atmosphere than anything else. There will be spacious seating and great service provided for all! Of course there will be live music provided by Dan Rivers and a host of great local talent as he will be presenting my acoustic open mic show format.

Rob Scott, co-founder of the Dayton Tea Party, will be on hand at 8 p.m. to provide an update on the Dayton Tea Party Rally on July 3 AND will have more information on how you can get involved. Additionally, he will inform the group about his upcoming trip to Washington D.C. representing the Tea Party.

Dayton Tea Party @ 6-8PM Courthouse Square

The Dayton Tea Party has received over 5,000 RSVPs for their April 15 Income Tax Day Rally at Courthouse Square from 6 to 8 p.m. in downtown Dayton (corner of Third & Main).

The Dayton Tea Party Rally seeks to protest runaway spending at all government levels. The Rally will feature dynamic speakers from the Miami Valley. Modeled after the Boston Tea Party tax protest of 1773, the April 15 rally will pressure Congress to repeal the federal stimulus plan and draw attention for needed fiscal restraint, support for the free market and small business, and respect for the Constitution.
“We are all geared up for the rally,” said Perry Reynolds, co-founder of the Dayton Tea Party. “Our supporters are excited and pumped for April 15.”

“We are seeing support everywhere throughout the Miami Valley from all political spectrums,” said Rob Scott, co-founder of the Dayton Tea Party. “This event is not about political labels but standing up for what the Tea Partiers believe in.”

The Dayton Tea Party is a grassroots and nonpartisan group opposed to wasteful government spending. The Tea Party is made up of students, homemakers, working people, professionals who are Democrats, Independents, Republicans, and Libertarians.

For directions, a list of speakers, or other information, go to their website at www.daytonohioteaparty.com. For directions or a list of speakers, For questions, contact info@daytonohioteaparty.com.