Bond Issue 28 Update: Xenia On A High Water Table Not Just Spring Hill Elementary

I just found the multi-governmental soil survey of Xenia. It is part of the Soil Survey of Greene County made by the Natural Resources Conservation Service, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Soil and Water Conservation, Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center, the Ohio State University Extension, the Greene Soil and Water Conservation District and the Greene County Commissioners. It was part of the technical assistance furnished to the Greene Soil and Water Conservation District. This and all other soil surveys are archived at the US Dept. of Agriculture

The soil survey presents several revealing facts about Issue 28. First, the survey defined the types of soil complexes for every parcel of land in Xenia. The area surrounding City Hall, including Towne Square, is classified as Oakely-Urban complex (undulating). The type of soil surrounding Tecumseh Elementary is described as Eldean Silt Loam. Cox Elementary is built on the same type of soil as City Hall. The type of soil underneath Spring Hill Elementary is Miamian-Urban (undulated).

Second, all of these areas have similar characteristics:

(1) All have temporary high water tables during certain times during the year. The depth to the seasonally high water table is more than 6 feet in all areas.

(2) Flooding is highly improbable.

(3) Moderate shrinking and swelling of soil could crack foundations and basement walls without special design techniques. The same applies to roads and streets.

Third, the facts of the soil survey that I am at present looking at reveals how the politics of money trumps the good of all school children in Xenia. The use of soil survey data by school officials to justify the elimination of an important neighborhood school is deceptively wrong. Issue 28 may be sold as good for all Xenia’s school buildings; but, it is not for the good of South Hill’s school children and their families.

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