Xenia Tea Party Rally On For Sat. April 24 With Greene County Commissioners Approval

While the Tea Party rally planned for tomorrow, April 24
in Xenia was to go on as planned without an official meeting permit,
today Greene County officials notified the organizers that they
informally accepted the rally and will not interfere with it or
prevent it from taking place. Lisa Hale, Director of Risk Management
for Greene County said that the meeting approval policies would be
reviewed for future changes and that due to the timing, the “request
for use of the Courthouse area on 4/24/10 cannot be formally approved, [but] we will not attempt to prevent the event or take action for unauthorized use.”

“I want to thank the Greene Count Commission and Mrs. Lisa Hale for
being professional and working to facilitate this meeting without
further controversy, and for respecting our constitutional right to
free assembly,” said Virgil Vaduva, organizer of the rally. “The
meeting organizers will abide by all laws and ordinances and will
encourage all attendees to do likewise, clean up the Courthouse
grounds after the meeting and avoid damage to the lawn and landscaping surrounding the Courthouse,” said Vaduva.

The organizers of the rally ask all attendees to abide by the following guidelines:

– no sale of food or other items at the rally
– no use of alcohol
– avoid the lawn or contact with other landscaping, and try to use the
paved areas as much as possible
– no placement of signs or banners on the Courthouse building
– no throwing of trash on the ground; clean up the area when you leave

The rally will take place at 4:00 PM at the Greene County Courthouse
in downtown Xenia, and will feature the following speakers:

– John Mitchell, Republican Candidate for U.S. Congress, http://reformcongress.com
– John Anderson, Libertarian Candidate for U.S. Congress, http://johnandersonforcongress.com
– Mickey Denen, Medical Doctor and homeschooling father
– Phil Herzing, Dayton Tea Party and Liberty Groups Coordinator, http://daytonohioteaparty.com
– Andy Myers, Ohio Freedom Alliance, http://ohiofreedom.com
– Josh Diaz, Ohio Open Carry, http://ohioopencarry.org
– Virgil Vaduva, Republican Candidate for Greene County Commissioner, http://votevirgil.org/about

A Seth Morgan campaign coordinator informed the organizers that a
previously scheduled event will unfortunately not allow him to attend;
a number of other speakers’ confirmations are pending as well.

“Some light rain could interfere with the rally, but we are
encouraging everyone to attend, bring umbrellas, their flags, and get
to know their candidates while cheering for freedom and liberty. The
temperatures will be in the 70’s, so please come join us,” said Virgil

The Greene County Courthouse is located at 45 North Detroit St. in
Xenia, Ohio; free weekend parking is available along the streets
surrounding the Courthouse building, and in many locations throughout
downtown Xenia.

All questions about the rally should be directed to Virgil Vaduva at

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