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Republicans Are Inconsistent with Obama, But Democrats Are Hypocritical

By Daniel Pipes

While it is certainly true that Democrats cut Obama slack on policies where they would slam Bush or McCain, as a fair-minded Republican I note that the reverse holds true as well: Republicans slam Obama and go easy on Bush. I will establish both points in my areas of expertise, the Middle East and Islam.

Obama & Bush – sometimes it matters less what the policy is than who implements it.
Start with Democratic inconsistency: Although Democrats raged against American forces fighting in Iraq and muttered about their role in Afghanistan, there were more American troops in the combined Iraq-Afghanistan theater under Obama in late 2009 than had ever been the case under Bush – and Democrats were silent about this. Democrats derided Bush for damaging America’s reputation among Muslims and Obama placed huge emphasis on establishing a new tone vis-à-vis Muslims. But his efforts had precious little impact, with polls showing Muslims seeing him about the same as Bush; and Democrats are silent. Finally, Democrats bemoaned the clandestine CIA drone program operating in countries where U.S. troops are not based, such as Pakistan. But the Obama administration authorized more targeted killings in its first year than did the Bush administration in its final year. Specifically, there were thirty-six operations in 2008 and fifty in 2009.

Republicans, however, also are inconsistent: they mock Obama’s insistence on trying diplomacy vis-à-vis Iran, but Bush did the same, authorizing 28 meetings with representatives of Tehran at the ambassadorial level or higher. Republicans excoriate Obama for setting a deadline for the withdrawal of U.S. troops in Afghanistan but said not a peep when Bush did the same for the much larger undertaking in Iraq in the status of forces agreement to withdraw all U.S. troops by the last day of 2011. Conversely, Republicans give Obama little credit for keeping the Iraqi mission basically in place, only speeding up the timetable.

On a positive note, Republicans did stand with Obama on increasing troops to Afghanistan and they did applaud his taking out Osama bin Laden. In contrast, it is hard to imagine any comparable support by Democrats for a President McCain. Although Republicans have problems with consistency, Democrats are blatantly hypocritical.

Originally published by the Daniel Pipes Blog on July 11, 2011.

Americans Still Strongly Favor Audit of the Fed

Looks like the Republicans want the fox watching the henhouse. Ron Paul, one of Congress’ sharpest critics of the Federal Reserve, has been chosen to lead the House subcommittee that monitors the Fed’s activities, and he promises to push again for a full audit of the nation’s central bank.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that Americans remain overwhelmingly in favor of auditing the Fed: 74% of Adults think it’s a good idea, and just 10% are opposed. Sixteen percent (16%) are not sure.

This is consistent with previous surveys and matches support for an audit found in July of last year when Paul’s audit proposal first began gaining attention in the House. Support has risen as high as 80% since then.

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke opposes a public audit of the Fed’s monetary policies, but just 29% of Americans hold a favorable opinion of Bernanke. Only 36% of Adults now are at least somewhat confident in those who advise President Obama on economic policy.

Source: Ramussen Reports, December 10, 2010

Conservative Majority Decide Election

Media wonks claim this election was decided by independents. But, the so-called independents defined themselves mostly as conservatives. The following are quotes from a recent CitizenLink article:

From the U.S. Congress to state legislatures and from judges to ballot initiatives, conservatives successfully turned the political establishment on its head.

According to Edison Research, more people identified as conservatives this election – as opposed to Republicans, Democrats or Independents. When surveying those who voted for U.S House candidates, 41 percent identified themselves as conservative, 36 percent as Republicans, 36 percent as Democrats, and 28 percent as Independents.

Another positive sign was that the conservative tsunami knew no geographic, ethnic or gender boundaries.

As Paul Harvey used to say, “now you know the rest of the story.”

Most Americans Say Government Has Too Much Money and Spends It Unwisely

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 61% of Adults think the federal government has too much power and money.

Perhaps that’s no surprise since 66% believe America is overtaxed.

An overwhelming 70% of adults say the government does not spend taxpayer’s money wisely and fairly. Just 16% believe the government does spend this money correctly, while another 14% are not sure.

Eighty-five percent (85%) of Republicans and 60% of adults who are not affiliated with either of the major political parties believe the government has too much power and money, a view shared by just 39% of Democrats.
Just 47% of government workers say the government has too much power and money, compared to 65% of those who work in the private sector.

Republicans and unaffiliateds also feel more strongly than Democrats that the government does not spend taxpayers’ money wisely and well.

When it comes to the economy, the message from Americans is clear: Leave it in the hands of the private sector and not the government. That sentiment is shared by sixty-eight percent (68%) of voters who prefer a smaller government with fewer services and lower taxes to a more active one that offers more services and higher taxes. A plurality of Americans believe that government programs increase poverty in America.

Source: Rasmussen Reports, October 17, 2010

Election 2010 Poll: Ohio Governor and U.S. Senate Races

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in Ohio shows Republican John Kasich barely ahead of incumbent Democratic Governor Ted Strickland 48% to 45%. Last month, Kaisch was running ahead of Strickland by 8 points, but, as you can see, Kaisch now leds by only 3 points.

I think Kaisch’s gruff appearance at the last televised debate negatively impacted voter perception. The opposite is was the case for Republican Robert Portman. His speech was as calm and professional as Obama, but not a polished and academic. His criticism of and retorts to Democrat Lee Fisher were effective, while Fisher’s sometimes seemed to stretch the “truth” about Portman a little too far. This has contributed to Portman’s 23 point lead over Fisher for the U.S. Senate race.

Source: Rasmussen Reports, October 13, 2010

Greene County Commissioners “spreading the wealth around”

By John Mitchel

Republicans justifiably attack Senator Obama and the Democrats for their plans to redistribute wealth from those earning more than $ _____ (fill in the blank), to those at or below ___ (fill in the blank) times the poverty level. The simple truth is; Greene County Commissioners have been spreading around Greene County taxpayer wealth for years.

Take for example the BRAC Initiative Agreement running from 2003 to 2006 that sent $1.9 million to the Dayton Development Coalition. Those Greene County tax dollars found their way into a no-bid, no-work, no-oversight, no-value-added contract with The Greentree Group, a Beavercreek government support contractor, and also trickled down to Paul Magliochetti and Associates (The PMA Group), a Washington K Street lobbyist.

According to IRS filings, in 2005 Greene County taxpayers also helped pay the $285,854 salary of J P Nauseef, President of Development Projects, Inc., a Dayton Development Coalition 501(c)(3) front organization located at the same address as the Coalition. Total revenues in 2005 for Development Projects, Inc. were $1,390,723. I believe we can safely conclude that more than 20 percent of a non-profit’s revenue going to its President, who by the way contributed big-time to Dave Hobson’s and Steve Austria’s campaign funds, pretty much passes the “spreading the wealth around” litmus test.