UD Professor of History Dr. Larry Schweikart Endorses Virgil Vaduva Candidate for Greene County Commission

Today the Dayton Daily News Editorial Board endorsed my opponent, Mr. Alan Anderson and chose him to be “the better pick” as a Greene County Commissioner, at least in their opinion. They wrote that Mr. Anderson, the incumbent, was the “more go-along-get-along kind of person” as opposed to someone like me, who has “fringe ideas” and is unwilling to toe the line set by the GOP liberal leadership. You can read the entire poorly-written, error-ridden editorial here: http://tinyurl.com/y7maogv

The truth is my friends that the DDN endorsement of my opponent is an illustration of a sad situation, that we as a nation, state and county have come to a place where freedom, liberty, and freedom to homeschool and live apart from government intrusion are all seen as being on the fringe. Those willing to “go along” are nodded-upon and endorsed to be part of the political and electoral process. It is sad, is it not?

In my interview with DDN I spoke frankly about my views of government, taxation, freedom and liberty. I spoke about the Children Services and their harassment of homeschooling families and the super-inflated budget of that organization. I spoke against the high taxes in our county and the responsibility that the Greene County Republicans have to their principles of small government and low taxation, regardless of the level of government. As a result, my ideas were described as “fringe” and my opponent was endorsed. But fortunately, the outcome of an election does not depend on the GOP or the Dayton Daily News; it is up to the voters to make sound choices. Therefore I am asking you, friends and registered voters to let your friends and family members know that right now and on May 4, they have a chance to vote for a real conservative, a real Republican, unwilling to compromise on any principles of freedom, liberty and taxation.

So I am proudly presenting to you an endorsement given to me by Dr. Larry Schweikart, University of Dayton Professor of History, author of A Patriot’s History of the United States, 7 Events that Made America America and 48 Liberal Lies about American History. Dr. Schweikart has been a guest on Glenn Beck’s show on Fox News, and on the Rush Limbaugh show, and he submitted the following endorsement for my campaign:

“I have known Virgil Vaduva to be someone who deeply cares about freedom, liberty and the American way of life. Virgil’s past which involved life in a Communist country and business ownership shaped him into someone who is experienced and can handle the hard hits of life and politics. His desire to serve and participate in the political life here in the Dayton area is genuine and I believe that he can deliver what Greene County needs today, a real conservative candidate willing and able to pursue the real changes needed today by the GOP.

The political atmosphere in the area is in dire need of new faces, and Virgil is one of them, so it is my pleasure to offer my endorsement for his candidacy for Green County Commissioner.”

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