Next X-Plan Citizen Workshop November 30

Xenia citizens are invited to attend an upcoming public workshop on November 30th and/or participate in a new online discussion forum to voice their opinions and help the City determine goals and priorities for future growth and community improvement.

This will be the second workshop for citizen participation in planning Xenia’s future. It will begin at 6:30 PM and end at 8:30 PM Wednesday night. The focus of the second workshop will be to continue developing a comprehensive vision for the Xenia Community and prioritize obtainable goals. The worshop will be held in the Media Room of the Greene County Jobs and Family Services Building, which is located at 541 Ledbetter Road.

The worshop will begin with a brief presentation about X-Plan and the November 16th workshop results, which will be followed by small-group discussions about strategies to achieve your vision for Xenia’s future.

For more information about X-Plan, go the

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