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Future IMAX Theaters To Be Exclusively Powered By Barco

Barco, a worldwide leader in the Digital Cinema industry, announced today that it has been selected by IMAX Corporation as the exclusive, worldwide projection technology partner for its IMAX® theaters for the next seven years. Through its selection of Barco’s Guinness World Record winning Xenon lamp-based digital projectors, IMAX will immediately enhance The IMAX Experience® in its global cinema network. In addition, IMAX theaters will benefit from a new generation of high-performance, laser-based projectors, which are expected to be deployed in 2013.

Over the years, IMAX has established its reputation as the leading provider of awe-inspiring, immersive cinema experiences. In Barco, it has found an industry acclaimed technology partner that is able to further differentiate and maximize The IMAX Experience®. In the first phase of the partnership, the parties will integrate an enhancement of Barco’s existing Xenon-based projectors for use in IMAX’s current backlog and new system signings. This solution will be available in the second half of 2012. Simultaneously, Barco and IMAX will co-develop leading-edge laser technology – benefiting from Barco’s unique laser innovations and IMAX’s licensed Kodak IP. The companies will work together exclusively to manage the transition from Xenon-based to high-performance, laser-based projectors, which are expected to be deployed in 2013.

“Being selected by IMAX as the exclusive supplier for the world’s most immersive cinema experience is a strong endorsement of our leadership in the Digital Cinema projection business,” explains Wim Buyens, Senior Vice President of Barco’s Entertainment Division. “This partnership will strengthen our position as the premium provider of state-of-the-art cinema technologies that provide the perfect match for every screen, whether small or large. What’s more, it will enable us to further ramp up our manufacturing scalability and to continue setting the standard for future technologies.”

“As we continue to expand globally, it is critical that our technology partner keeps pace with our ambitions around innovation and growth,” said IMAX Chief Business Development Officer Robert D. Lister. “Barco is that partner. A leader in advanced digital and laser technology, Barco is well-known for its quality and integrity. We believe the result of this collaboration will further differentiate The IMAX Experience® for consumers, strengthening our value proposition for studios and exhibitors.”

Todd Hoddick, Vice President for the Barco Entertainment Division in North America, adds: “We are honored to have been selected by IMAX as their worldwide and exclusive digital projection technology partner. We are both excited and committed to bring the full weight of Barco’s operational excellence, integrity and ability to deliver on the ideals of the IMAX brand. Together we are determined to redefine the immersive cinema experience.”

The agreement with IMAX underscores Barco’s commitment to offer exhibitors the most comprehensive suite of products and solutions to create a premium movie experience in their auditoriums at the lowest cost of ownership. This is exactly what has made Barco a valued technology leader, – as illustrated by its long list of industry firsts and its Guinness World Record for the brightest projector – as well as a global market leader – reflected in the company’s 40% worldwide market share, market leadership in China and a strong global customer base.

Being appointed as the exclusive supplier of projection technology for the largest screens in the industry is a new milestone for Barco’s Entertainment Division, which has a long history of providing high-quality equipment to the Advertising, Rental & Staging, Branding & Retail, Sports, Digital Cinema and Corporate AV industry. In these markets, Barco continues to innovate with a full portfolio of pioneering imaging and sound products that optimize productivity and range from compact, reliable projectors for mid-sized businesses to the most powerful projectors, LED displays and image processors for operation in a broad spectrum of entertainment venues and outdoor events.

In 9-0 Ruling in US v. Jones, U.S. Supreme Court Declares Warrantless GPS Use by Police Unconstitutional

WASHINGTON, D.C.—In a unanimous ruling in United States v. Jones, the U.S. Supreme Court has declared that police must get a search warrant before using GPS technology to track criminal suspects. Insisting that individuals have a reasonable expectation that they will not be subject to constant monitoring by the government, and that escalating secretive technological surveillance violates an individual’s reasonable expectation of privacy, The Rutherford Institute had filed an amicus curiae brief in the case.

“We have entered a new and frightening age when advancing technology is erasing the Fourth Amendment,” said John W. Whitehead, president of The Rutherford Institute. “Thankfully, in recognizing that the placement of a GPS device on Antoine Jones’s Jeep violated the Fourth Amendment’s protection against unreasonable search and seizure, the U.S. Supreme Court has sent a resounding message to government officials—especially law enforcement officials—that there are limits to their powers.”

In September 2005, without Antoine Jones’s knowledge or consent, police placed a GPS device on the undercarriage of Jones’ Jeep vehicle while it was parked in a public lot in Maryland. GPS devices use orbiting satellites to produce accurate and continuous records of their position and of any person or object carrying the devices. Consequently, over the course of four weeks, police were able to monitor Jones’ movements and actions as he drove his vehicle. Based upon the detailed information obtained about Jones’ movements, police arrested and charged Jones with conspiracy to distribute drugs.

Prior to trial, Jones moved to suppress the evidence obtained using the GPS monitoring, arguing that because the police had violated the terms of a court order allowing the placement of the GPS device on his vehicle, the evidence was obtained without a warrant in violation of the Fourth Amendment’s protection against unreasonable searches and seizures. The trial court rejected Jones’ motion to suppress. However, on appeal, the D.C. Court of Appeals held that the use of the GPS device to track Jones and the evidence obtained constituted an illegal search in violation of the Fourth Amendment. Additionally, the Court of Appeals rejected the government’s claim that no violation of Jones’ privacy had taken place because the evidence pertained to Jones’ movements while he was in public.

Scientists push to implement edible RFID tracking chips in food

It will monitor your calorie intake, show from where your food was sourced, and even let you know when the food in your fridge is about to go bad — these are some of the enticing claims made by the developers of a new system that embeds edible radio frequency identification (RFID) chips directly into food. Its creators insist the technology will revolutionize the way humans eat for the better, but critical-thinking onlookers will recognize the ploy as just another way to track and control human behavior.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/032600_RFID_food.html</a?

Vote Yes On Issue 1?

A businessman from Central America responding to a post made a very enlightening observation about Ohio. He said Ohio is a like a third world country lacking adequate development. Almost all media outlets, business organizations, universities, as well as the mother, brother and sister of nearly everyone else, seems to agree; they are all promoting the renewal of the not-yet-ended Third Frontier funding for high tech development.

So, why not follow the crowd. Well, because crowds generally chant whatever smooth talking speakers claim. Like other dumb animals, we like sheep are easily led astray–also called the herd mentality.

It cannot be denied that 48,000 new jobs have been created as a result of the Third Frontier economic stimulus fund. Ohio taxpayer gave the state $500 million to help develop high tech industries and job. Each job created cost taxpayers over $10,400. SRI Intl. research claims it also produced a positive economic impact of $6.6 billion. (A must read is an article by Tom Breckenridge on Cleveland.com)

If we forget that politicians and big business sold off our low tech industrial job to China and other nations, we also forgot the much how much greater the Third Frontier has actually cost. And, did most Ohioans really benefit from the sale? I doubt it.

Yes, Third Frontier is a boondoggle for universities, big energy, drug companies, General Electric, and some new enterprising tech companies. They will create new jobs while eliminating old ones. The costs are likely higher for many individuals than politicians and big business concerns care to acknowledge. For example, many young Americans will end up having to compete with foreigners with Green Cards.

Yet, in spite of the young who will benefit from those new jobs, if foreigners are need to fill positions, those jobs will in the end not be such great paying jobs. Just asks those experienced in computer technologies.

Trusting the hype media, business leaders, and politicians is like believing FDR’s welfare program would be a temporary remedy for those affected by World War II. You can be certain that Third Frontier welfare for high tech corporations will be as temporary.

Who pays for corporate welfare? All of the middle class who supposedly benefit from all of the great new jobs. Remember, low-tech Wal-Mart and the factory farm.

Carrie Mihalick wrote an article in which she traces the fascist or progressive history of the Third Frontier movement across the world and to Ohio. Her research facts reminds of the Progressive results of Obama and progressive Congressional Democrats economic policy. Third Frontier may seem more discrete than Obama and Company in how it will eventually run tech business in partnership with big business but I doubt it. (Her article is another must read.

Allowing the Third Frontier to continue will the Ohio Constitution’s 5% cap on state debt service to be violated. (See the rest of the argument by a number previous Ohio legislators by going here.)

A better plan is to give venture capitalists bigger tax breaks for investing to create new high tech industries and jobs. Let big corporation reinvest in their own high tech developments. Make politicians stick to policies and funding initiatives that actually do benefit all citizens rather than the chosen few.

Sabbath Discussions : What is the mark of the Beast in Revelation, the Book

By Daniel Downs

Now that our government’s latest effort to raise taxes is over, I want to resume my discussion of Revelation. I guess here discussion means with a conversation with myself. Nevertheless, it’s my hope and prayer that those who read these posts will benefit from my mental brain storms–as it were.

Oh, yes, lest I forget; I don’t actually believe these discussions will help any pastor long in the ministry understand Revelation any more than I think such students of the Bible are confused by Revelation. If the one I referred to in my first post was serious, I ask for your fervent prayer on his behalf.

Now, that’s off my chest; let’s consider what the mark of the Beast is as described in Revelation chapter 13:16-18.

Based on current technological developments, prophecy teachers tell us that the mark is probably a microcomputer chip. These chips are already being used in GIS technology. They are being implanted in pets, livestock, and in human newborns. Linked to satellites, devices, animals, or people with embedded microchips can be tracked to within a few feet anywhere in the world. If linked to supercomputers where our government, medical, and financial records are stored, big brother can know anything about our every activity including all of our financial transactions. With traffic and other surveillance cameras going up in every place imaginable, big brother as envisioned by George Orwell in his novel 1984 will soon be a reality. All that will be needed is a paranoid socialist dictator reigning over the world.

As mentioned in Revelation 13:18, the mark is a number representing the dictatorial beast. It is also pointed out by prophecy experts that in the future embedded chips will most likely possess the beast’s number or code to screen non-members of his global anti-religion club, which is another reason to suspect this beast will be a good socialist or secularist. Membership in this end time global anti-god club is voluntary. It is truly egalitarian. Its membership consists of rich and poor, famous and infamous, slaves and free citizens from all nationalities of the world. (13:16) Thus, under this tyrannical socialist dictator, racial prejudice is a thing of the past. The final bigotry of humanity to be eradicated is god-fearing haters of greed, oppression, immorality, falsehood, and the like. Consequently, those who refuse to join the club will likely loose their lives here on terra firma. (13:15)

One of the beautiful things about having everyone in the world embedded with a traceable microchip is how much greater the convenience in conducting financial transactions like buying and selling. Instead of wasting time getting paper and credit cards out of your pockets, billfold, or purse, all members of the global anti-god club will have to do is pass their hand or forehead past a scanner. It will be very similar to moving bar coded merchandise over scanners at most retailers today. Again, most non-members will not have to worry about this change because most will not be alive.

It’s true; socialist-secularism does not bode well for dissenters. History proves that much.

If we dig a little deeper (and here I’m not referring to a grave), we will find a few more valuable nuggets of knowledge. In the prophecies of Ezekiel, God sends an angel to mark the people on their forehead who were burdened by the evils done in Israel. (Ezek. 9:1-4). Concerning the rest, God ordered them to be killed. (9:5-8) Why? Divine justice demands unrelenting crime to be abolished. Those whose foreheads were marked for protection demonstrated their moral and emotional fidelity to the covenantal law of God. They choose not be become callous and numb to evil because of its acceptance and prevalence. They choose to suffer the pains of self-discipline and fidelity instead. That this is about a mental determination on the part of the marked and unmarked is further supported by God’s instruction to Ezekiel at the beginning of his calling:

“Son of man, go to the house of Israel and speak My words to them. For you are not being sent to a people of unintelligible speech or difficult language … whose words you cannot understand. But, I have sent you to them who should listen to you; yet the house of Israel will not listen to you, since they are not willing to listen to Me. Surely the whole house of Israel is stubborn and obstinate. Behold, I have made your face as hard as their faces and your forehead as hard as their foreheads…. Do not be afraid of them or be dismayed before them, though they are a rebellious house.” (2:4-9)

The same moral fidelity is also represented by the 144,000 undefiled Jewish bondservants whose foreheads are seal in chapter 7 of Revelation.

Here in chapter 13, the opposite is the case. Those whose foreheads are sealed with the mark of the latest and greatest dictator are as immoral, unfaithful, and anti-Christ as the he is. The famous mark, 666, thus symbolizes the trinity of modern secularism consisting of statism, humanism and socialism. This modern secular trinity is the allegiance of Satan disguised as the worship of humanity and self. It reflects the taboo of secularism and naturalism that claims god-is-dead or never existed while making the state the almighty and humanistic science its religion. This is similar to the Roman faithful making Caesar a god and building the temple of Caesar in Pergamum. Jesus assures us that this is where Satan seat of power or governance was located. (Rev. 3:13)

Jesus said, “Your heart is where your treasure is.” (Mat. 6:21) I think I remember a preacher once saying during an offertory that it is where your allegiance is as well. Okay, maybe it wasn’t a preacher taking an offering, but it applies nonetheless. Our fidelity to the covenantal law of faith in Jesus Christ is why the Spirit of God seals our foreheads as a token assurance of eternal life in God’s kingdom. (2 Cor. 1:22; Eph.1:31-14; Eph. 4:30)

Our mind and emotions cannot be disconnected from our eternal spirit.

According to the Apostle Paul, we are to …

“live no longer as the Gentiles live, in the futility of their mind, being darkened in their understanding, excluded from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them, because of the hardness of their heart; and they, having become callous, have given themselves over to sensuality for the practice of every kind of impurity with greediness. But you did not learn Christ in this way, if indeed you have heard of Him and have been taught in Him, just as the truth is in Jesus, that in reference to your former manner of life, you lay aside the old self, which is being corrupted in accordance with the lusts of deceit, and that you be renewed in the spirit of your mind, and put on the new self, which in the likeness of God has been created in righteousness and holiness and truth.” (Eph. 4:17-24)

Xenia’s New Traffic Signals : Is Big Brother Now Watching?

by Daniel Downs

Some people are wondering whether Xenia officials have joined the Big Brother club in Washington, D.C. Why? Because of small camera-like gadgets hanging near the new traffic signals. Seeing those camera-like gadgets elicits a strong temptation of suspicion about whether Xenia official will now be watching. Being among that suspicious group, I asked Mayor Pennewitt about those new signals. The following what I was told.

In response to my first emailed inquiry, Mayor Pennewitt wrote:

On November 19, 2007, the Xenia City Council passed legislation for a City Wide Signalization Project. The Ohio Department of Transportation authorized the funding to provide installation of a coordinated signal system along Detroit Street, Main Street, and Second Street. This project involves upgrading, reconstructing and adding signals at existing warranted intersections. This project is to be completed in 2008.

This project is being administered through the Ohio Department of Transportation and uses Federal money received through the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission.

Most of that information can be found in the on-line council meeting minutes. None of it remotely answered the question about whether they were to be used for surveillance or sending traffic tickets in the mail.

Therefore, I emailed the good Mayor again asking whether those camera-looking gadgets were actually cameras by which our local government was intending to count traffic, track and ticket speeders, or other types of surveillance.

What do you suppose was the Mayor’s response? My breathless anticipation of her next response never came. Instead, she had the assistant city manager respond to my suspicions, and here is what Brent Merriman, also interim Public Service Director, had to say:

The Mayor was correct in her response about the project, in general. The signalization project is a largely state-funded upgrade and expansion to our traffic signalization system. We are essentially installing a new “brain” for our traffic signals that integrates more lights at more intersections into a comprehensive traffic management program. This will allow for more timely signalization, better traffic flow, etc.

The project involves the installation of new overhead fiber optic lines and traffic light control boxes among other components at most of the major intersections around town. This includes changing out dated (and more costly) traditional traffic lights to LED lighting systems. The project does not, however, include the installation of any traffic monitoring devices—such as intersection cameras—other than the addition of some loop detectors which are designed to simply trigger turn lights at equipped intersections. The devices you see at some intersections hanging from the overhead lines are in fact pre-empt detectors for emergency vehicles. Changing out the pre-empts is not part of the current project, but will be an additional project in the near future to help ensure the safe and swift response of public safety staff to emergency calls. (emphasis added.)

I appreciate the prompt and helpful information of our local officials. It demonstrates their efforts to provide the best possible service to their constituency, otherwise known as taxpayers who pay their salaries.

Still, I was skeptical about the future surveillance potential of the new technology. My research has led me to the conclusion that Xenia citizens have little reason for concern.

It’s true those new LED signals will lower operational costs, but the loop detectors mentioned by Brent Merriman are technology used for vehicle surveillance. The dual-loop detection system incorporates wire sensors that are embedded in the pavement near traffic signals. According to recent studies, dual-loop detection is capable of not only counting traffic but also of detecting the type of vehicle passing by. More refined computer programs also make it possible to determine make and model. Utilized by police, dual-loop signalization could enable them to track speeders or other suspect vehicle with further refinement of the system. That is the extent of surveillance our new signalization system can perform.

No, I have not forgotten about the camera-like gadgets or emergency vehicle pre-empt detectors. I thought they might be convertible to detecting a range of radio frequencies enabling the tracking of individual vehicles with unique signals. In other words, I though they might be used for tracking every individually owned vehicle. I was wrong. Most pre-empt systems detect specific strobe or infrared signals specifically made for and installed in emergency vehicles. There is therefore no reason to believe Big Brother could use them to watch our comings and our goings.

Two types of technology being used for that purpose are cameras like those installed at Fairfield Road intersections in Beavercreek and Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI). AVI incorporates various technology that enable government to create and track individual vehicles and their owners. AVI laser enables government to incorporate coded information in license plates that computerized lasers read and track. AVI RF tracks radio signals incorporated in vehicle antennas. AVI smart tag also utilizes radio signals as well as microcomputers installed in trucks and cars. AVI infrared uses all of the above except lasers to monitor individual vehicles. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, AVI is already being used at the U.S.-Mexican border checkpoints.

Xenia citizens have no reason to wonder whether their local government has become a full-fledged member of Big Brother. They have not; but if City Council ever discusses using AVI or cameras to monitor traffic, we can be certain that the freedom we often taken for granted is about to bite the proverbial dust.

Barco launches the world’s first “green” digital billboard

Barco, a world leader in visualization and display solutions, announces the launch of its new DB-x20-the world’s first “green” digital billboard. The new DB-x20 is the first and only RoHS-compliant digital billboard in the world, meaning all product components contain no lead, mercury, cadmium, Cr6, PBB or PBDE. Designed for digital outdoor advertising networks, the DB-x20 range features green components, low power consumption, superior visual performance and maximum ROI. For more information, go here.

Belgium Barco is growing in Xenia and Beyond

The Belgium-based Barco Corporation is growing business in Xenia, throughout the Dayton area, and beyond.

Barco is an international imaging technology manufacturer. The parent company is located in Belgium with a sales and manufacturing facilities is located in Xenia.

Barco reported increased net sales 9.7% and net profits 4.9% for 2007. Those figures represent net sales growth from $1.044 billion in 2006 to $1.146 billion in 2007 and growth in net profits from $423.6 million in 2006 to $444.2 million in 2007.

Barco also reported an impressive increase in earnings per share for 2007. In 2006, Barco stock was earning $4.23 per share. At the end of 2007, earnings per share was $6.79. That is an annual increase of 60.5%.

Barco Xenia specializes in the simulation and avionics market. The company’s annual report noted simulation market sales increased by 8.2%. The avionics market showed a strong growth of 12.8%. Increase in orders were driven mainly by the flight simulation and the oil & gas markets.

Barco growth benefits Xenia and Dayton area by creating new high tech markets, providing new high tech jobs, and by inspiring new business educational opportunities. Barco is a leading partner of DaytaOhio, which is housed in the Joshi Center at Wright State University. It is a world class center established to connect innovators, entrepreneurs and investors, to accelerate commercialization of data intensive technologies, and to leverage world class research, processes, and infrastructure driving new prosperity from business creation, investment and job growth in Ohio.

Ken Berta, Executive Vice President of DaytaOhio, said the following about Barco,

“We insisted on teaming up with the leading player in this field. To us, Barco is the Rolls Royce of visualization. Its broad product offering, innovative solutions and high-quality equipment
are beyond compare.

In January, Barco announced it had developed a sophisticated multi-user solution for Dayton’s Wright Brothers Institute (WBI). Utilizing the power of Barco’s network-centric iCon H600 projector, collaboratory researchers at the WBI’s Tec^Edge already use making advanced presentations and for elaborate group discussions. The Tec^Edge facility has also hosted workshops in which small groups share a week’s worth of research in a cross-comparative fashion for group feedback. The end result is an environment ripe for team-based problem-solving.