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Ohio Commerce Employees Repair Stuffed Toys for the Holidays

Manger Scene Toys Employees from the Ohio Department of Commerce’s Division of Industrial Compliance & Labor and other Commerce employees donated their lunch hour today to carefully repair more than 300 stuffed toys to be donated to children this holiday season.

“This is a wonderful tradition that gives us the opportunity to help brighten the holidays for children throughout Central Ohio,” said Commerce Director David Goodman.

The Division’s Bedding and Upholstered Furniture laboratory inspects filler material inside representative samples of stuffed toys to ensure they are safe and accurately labeled. Manufacturers send hundreds of items to the lab in Reynoldsburg each year where they are cut open by technicians to examine their contents. The technicians perform chemical and microscopic tests on hundreds of different types of fillers used in toys produced by manufacturers from around the world.

After inspection, the toys are set aside until the holidays when they are repaired by state employees who sew the incisions closed making them good as new. This is the 26th year of the event, named the “Norman DeHaas Annual Holiday Sewing Project” in memory of long-time Bedding Section supervisor Norman DeHaas, who was an advocate of the project and active in local charities.

The stuffed toys will be donated to several local charitable organizations, who will give them to needy children this holiday season.

[Note from the editor: One would think the above could be improved by replacing holiday(s) season with Christmas. Yet, there are three different holidays celebrated between Thankgiving and the New Year. They are Chanukah (Dec. 20-28; Christmas (Dec. 25), and Kwanzaa (Dec. 26-Jan.1). Gift giving is characteristic of all three tradistions. The term “holidays” may be religiously neutral language but this editor previous the founding American tradition of celebrating the birth of Christianity.]

Not Ashamed Day Launches December 1st

In Britain, Christian Concern for our Nation is leading a major new campaign encouraging Christians to stand up and speak up for Jesus Christ in public life.

Wednesday 1st December 2010 has been designated ‘Not Ashamed’ day. Christians are being asked to ‘wear the symbol, declare the hope and share the vision’. (Read Lord George Carey’s Not Ashamed Vision

In launching the campaign, Andrea Minichiello Williams, Director of Christian Concern, said “Our society has undergone massive change in recent years and continues to face enormous challenges. At times the Church seems to have lost confidence that Jesus Christ is good news not just for individuals but also for our society as a whole. Now is the time for Christians to stand together and to speak clearly of Him to a nation that desperately needs to hear of Him, declaring Him to be the only true hope. The ‘Not Ashamed’ campaign is intended to help the Church to do that. We hope and pray that it will find great support amongst the Christian community and make a great impact for good on our country. We invite Christians everywhere to join us.”

To learn more, visit www.notashamed.org.uk.


By Paul Eidelberg

Jews and Christian believe, and without denying free will, that all that occurs in this world — both good and bad — is somehow providential and ultimately intended for our benefit. This belief poses an intellectual challenge, especially in view of all the bloodshed and suffering now going on in the world. We are compelled to think about or speculate on how that which we deem bad serves the good. Well, only the good Lord, by virtue of His Infinite Intelligence, can really answer this agonizing question. This kind of question goes back at least to Job, and the best we mortals can do is offer partial and no doubt inadequate answers.

So, with this qualification in mind, I will mention only one case that has deeply concerned me: “How does the election of Barack Obama, which I (and many others) deem bad serve the good?”

I will consider only one good consquence of his election. The fact that Mr. Obama declared early on that America is not a Christian nation, and the fact that he demoted Judaism in his Inaugural Address, have triggered a flood of new books on America’s Christian and Judaic foundations. I have even incorprated much of this material in my latest book on American Exceptionalism. I look at these new books as a providential sign for both America and Israel. Hence, even though we are concerned (and should be) about the shortcomings of those at the helm in America and Israel, this prompts us to think about what these two greatest of nations stand for, what makes them Exceptional, and what must be done to preserve their singular heritage.

A postscript to “9/11, Meaning of Its Message”

In the above post, I wrote the following:

America was founded by Christians whose religious text does not justify violence and injustice. Judaism influenced the formation of America’s ideals as well. Although some Torah laws and punishments seem abusive to moderns, only in the Promised Land–Israel–is violence permitted in the due process of upholding law. Because the vision of Islam encompasses the conversion of the world, its justifications of violence and abuse make it dangerous. Nevertheless, as long as criminal laws exist and are strictly enforced, Americans can expect moderation from adherents of American Islam and all others.

It should have been noted that even though the New Testament does not justify violence and injustice the Christianity has condoned similar atrocities as Muslim have been accused. The Church inherited the Roman Empire from the successors of Constatine, who made Christianity the religion of the empire. It would not be difficult to find in Canon law abhorent commands similar to those found in the sacred texts of Islam. The same can be said of the oral Torah if the Talmud is regarded as its recorded form. Many do. Yet, researchers have found some pretty terrible laws or interpretations of laws in that oral law.

All of which should remind Americans of the founders’ wisdom of found in the principles and text of their legal documents like the Declaration of Independence. Their history as citizens under the rule of the British Empire made them conclude that the separation of institutional powers of church and its governance and of civil governance was the only way for liberty and faith to prosper. They were of the view that all institutional authority tends to moral corruption and depotism. The religious Romans proved it. The Israelite kings proved it. The Catholic Church proved it. The British monarchs and Parliment proved it. The Anglican Church proved it. Islam has also proved it.

I recently read an article by a “liberal” Saudi Arabian author. He came to the conclusion that the problem with religion is that all believers regard their religion as superior to all others. Becauser of this, all conflicts are the result of this sense of superiority. His remedy is the elimination of all religion. However, some scholars writing about the history of the Separation of Church and State have shown that secularists are as religious as others regarding their secular beliefs. Moreover, the socialist version of secularism is just as dangerous as religious fundamentalism. Its destructiveness was proved by the millions of citizens killed by the USSR, China, Cuba, and other secular governments. The millions of aborted children proves secular America is not really different. The only difference is that America’s violence is justified as a private property right for convenience sake. Violence perpetrated by the above was to silence critical political dissent and disobedience.

The problem will never resolve until humanity’s behavior conforms the one who created them in His image. Tolerance will cease to exist from our vocabulary because the law of justice, morality, peace, and love will have become the unshakeable lifestyle of all. Only God could possibly accomplish such a miracle. Because the human condiition is one of self interest seeking, the end of human peace efforts always ends up resembling the peace won by the Caesars. That is what the end time scenarios of prophecy techers seem to be about. That is the expressed experience of Israelis under Oslo. I don’t know, but maybe Iraqis and Afghanistanis regard American peace the same way.

Nevertheless, Jesus said, “Blessed are those who keep trying.” (Mt. 5:3-20)

Is Jesus the only way to God?

In the post titled “Jesus & Co,” I explained (albeit, inadequately) what Jesus meant by the following passage found in the 14th chapter of John’s gospel:

“If you guys really knew me you would have known my Father also. So look here guys. You now know Him, and have seen Him.” (v.7)

I interpreted that verse to mean Jesus’ appearance, his behavior, and his work perfectly revealed God’s presence, character, and will toward humanity. Jesus assured his followers they would do likewise. Jesus based his expectations on their abiding love of God, which would perpetually motivate them to live a kingdom lifestyle. This lifestyle is characterized by behavior exemplifying the commandments of God.

In this final post on John subject, I will attempt to explain what Jesus meant by the verse prior to the one above, which is:

“I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through me.”

Jesus’ bold statement has been a point of contention between theologians generally and between other religious faiths in particular. Most interpret it to mean Jesus is the one and only way to an afterlife in heaven with God. As such, most seem to regard it as both exclusivist and arrogant. This position of the offended seems to originate with the idea that Christianity claims that only believers in the gospel of Jesus can know God, can be accepted by God, and thus have eternal life with God.

The Christian view affirms the exclusiveness of Jesus’ statement. They have been guilty of implying that only believers in Jesus could possibly have any relationship whatsoever with God, and consequently, non-believers can not know God. This can not be true because the founders of most of the major world religions were visited by God, and the founders obviously responded positively to God. However, this does not necessarily mean those founders or their followers were or are redeemed by God. I will deal with this more later. Based on the exclusive claim of Christ, Christianity rightly claims that only those who put their faith in Jesus Christ can be assured of a place in heaven hereafter.

The basis of this audacious claim of Jesus, his apostles, and Christianity is that good works cannot and does not negate the dessert of justice for crimes (sins) committed against the laws of God.

In previous posts, it was shown that the human form resembles God’s appearance. Beyond physical appearance, we also have the capacity to imitate the moral, intellectual and creative characteristics of God. God’s issue with humanity is not appearances but with behavior. It is the our tendency practice behaviors unlike God. It is human immorality that offends God. More specifically, it is our moral crimes against the laws that is the problem.

Just as our legal system of justice–an imperfect reflection of divine justice–does not forgive people for murder, rape, abuse, oppress, steal, lie under oath, and similar criminal behaviors, neither does God. Our courts are supposed to punish crimes. That is because the rest of society must be protected from the potential harm of same criminals. So it is with the justice of God.

God is neither tolerant nor forgiving towards moral crime. The punishment for moral crime is death. As the Hebrew prophet Ezekiel wrote, “The soul that sins shall die” (Eze. 18:4). Writing to believers in Rome, Jesus’ apostle reaffirmed this truth when he stated, “The wages of sin is death” (Rom. 6:23). From Adam to moderns, moral crimes results in separation of mutually beneficial and productive relationships. The ultimate alienation and divorce is our separation from our Creator and benefactor, God. Therefore, no one in any religion or in no religion can be acquitted of that sentence against their sins no matter how many good works they may practice. Because committing one sin is the same as violating all moral laws, any sin results in the same way–death.

Here is a clarifying example: Joe Smoozolli brutally murders John Gonn. It was a momentary act of rage brought on my John’s harassment. Joe moves out of state and changed his to Mark de Seet. Yes, Joe was ethnically French. All of this took place twenty years ago. Since then, Joe (aka Mark) has lived a exemplary life of good charitable citizenship and business success. However, Jane Austom and her husband Eddy runs into Joe while on vacation. They remember that the police believed Joe had killed John Gonn; so they call the police. Joe is arrested the next day. A month later, he stands trial for John’s murder. The evidence against Joe is overwhelming. No jury could possibly find him not guilty. Nevertheless, a number people believe Joe should be forgiven because of his good behavior, good deeds, charitable giving, and business success. Still, Joe is guilty of murdering John. The judge cannot forgive Joe, and the jury cannot be merciful towards him because of his exemplary life. All evidence proves beyond a reasonable doubt that Joe murdered John. The only possible verdict is guilty. Because the crime took place in Texas, the penalty is death.

Something very usual occurs during Joe’s sentencing. A business associate who also has a reputation for an exemplary life of kindness and charity and for good social works asks the court to allow himself to be executed instead of Joe. This man justifies his request on grounds that Joe has lived a humble and repentant live and because of his 4 children and wife need him. On the other hand, this man has no family needing his care and provision. His business will be sold to another. He is ready to face eternity because he is certain that he is in good standing with God. Joe, however, is not.

The only way God will accept Joe’s repentance; the only reason Joe will make it to heaven is if Joe finds out how his business associate stands accepted before God.

The answer is the sinless man Jesus was punish for the moral crimes committed by Joe, and Joe represents every human that has lived or will ever live. Because neither good works nor the death of animals in place of guilty humans are sufficient to fully satisfy divine justice, only a sinless man willing to suffer the penalty for the moral crimes of others could possibly do so. Jesus is the only person to have accomplish it. That is the claim of Jesus above: “I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through me.”

By Daniel Downs

A Christian View of War and America’s Military Policies

By Andy Myers

I have read many of Dr. Vance’s essays on Lew Rockwell. Like his other pieces, this audio interview may make you see another side of how many Christians interpret our military polices and thinking on just war. While some of the points brought up I have issues with, they are definitely interesting to think about.

I hope the interview stirs you to consider why we have the need to have our men and women in over a 130 countries, and the cost in lives and treasure it takes to continue this. Consider many of the governments who we’ve once helped to “overthrow” to put someone else in for “hardly democratic principles.” Just look how most of those have turned out-not good, not good at all. As a Christian, and someone who believes God “IS” in control, I do not believe he would not want me to sit by idle, and do nothing to expose the evil intentions that governments gravitate to at the expense of innocent human beings. Don’t get me wrong, our men and women in the military are doing many good things all over the world, but there are certainly questions as to why we need to continue to be in over 130 countries?? We simply cannot afford this on many different levels.

It’s snowing today, and I kind of don’t mind. I’m looking forward to giving thanks this holiday season as I have much to be thankful for!

Obama–ology 101: a political primer

An excerpt from Obama–ology- 101

Why are so many concerned with Obama as president? Hilary supporters are worried that he will win. Many Jews do not like the idea of President “Hussein” Obama. Conservative group are coming out against him as well. How could they possibly oppose a charismatic leader who wants to change the world? While making the world a great place to live, Obama promises to change Congress. He says he will make Congress work for the good of all people. (FDR did too!) If that miracle were not enough, we can expect even greater wonders. He believes he can make America one people again. What could possibly be wrong with that?

Yes, but what does the rhetoric really mean?

Read the whole thing–I mean Obama–ology- 101.