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Kudos to Austria for Supporting Ohio Project’s “Heath Care Freedom Amendment”

Kudos are due Austria for his support of The Ohio Project’s grass root effort to place a constitutional amendment on the November ballot. He was in the act of signing their petition at a recent outing, which is posted on the Ohio Project website. His public display of local patriotism may have been a vote-getting ploy. Nonetheless, along with his legislative opposition to Obamacare, his local patriotism deserves mention.

The Ohio Project amendment is titled The Health Care Freedom Amendment .It will prohibit federal and state governments from enforcing the federal mandate making individuals purchase health care. It also prohibits government from criminalizing those who do not or who purchase health care outside of the federal insurance pools.

Thus far, the Ohio Project has gathered the required petition signatures in 46 counties. Greene County is among those counties where 5% of voters have signed the petition. What is now needed is 5% more to meet the 10% state ballot requirement. Greene County has until the end of September.

Serbert Gluckian (Xenia) and Steve Rogers (Fairborn) were taking petition signatures at their business offices. If interested, you could e-mail Gluckian at saguckian@ameritech.net or Rogers at steverogers@allstate.com to see if they are still doing so.

To learn more about the Amendment, go to the Ohio Project website

Watch Continental Congress 2009 On Live Stream

Watch history being made as delegates to the Constitutional Congress 2009 develop a plan of civic resistance to fight back and save the Constitution!

Constitutional deliberations today begin at 8AM and will cover “Violations of the “Sovereignty” clause (i.e., Sovereignty of the Republic, North American Union). Beginning at 1:30PM, Constitutional scholars and elected delegates will address the “Violations of the Constitution’s Property” clauses (i.e., seizure of private property for private benefit.)

Beginning at 8AM on Wednesday, November 19, the schedule of constitutional issues that scholars and delegates will address include Jury Nullification, Grand Juries, and Health Care.

To watch the sessions, click on LiveStream. To see previous sessions, go here.

Ohio pharmacist patient care plan in light of national health care costs and-benefits

In recent commentary on health care, Dr. Joseph Mercola provides some evaluative data on the bigger picture on health care benefits. For example, he quotes the Centers of Medicate & Medicaid Services (CMS) reports on the national health expenditure (NHE) as having increase 6.7% in 2006 to a total of $2.1 trillion dollars. That figure represents 16% of GDP and an average of $7,026 spent on health care is for each and every American. Out of pocket expenses paid by individuals amounted to $1.1 trillion or 54% of the total NHE. Prescription drug expenditures increased by 5.8% in the same year.

Based of CMS historical data, NHE was just $253.4 billion in 1980 or $1,100 per person, and accounted for 9.1% of GDP. Since 1960, Continue reading

Ohio pharmacists planning to increase cost-cutting patient care services and profits

The Cleveland Plain Dealer recently reported on the plans of Ohio pharmacists to expand their role in patient health care. This was revealed at the May 9 Health Care Summit on Pharmacist Provided Patient Care held in Columbus. One of the speakers was Debra Parker, an assistant professor at the University of Findlay School of Pharmacy. She believes pharmacists can improve patient health care while lowering costs to insurers. During her presentation, Parker said, Continue reading